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New Aberdeen Data Meet-up Launched

Today we celebrated world Open Data Data by launching the new Aberdeen Data Meet-up. Our launch group included people from academia, business, the charity sector, the public sector and more – all supportive of a regular monthly meet-up for data community in Aberdeen. We’ll be meeting on the first Tuesday evening of every month. We’ll […]

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Peer to peer accommodation: the Scottish situation

Introduction The ODI, our parent body based in London, are researching how the Peer to Peer Accommodation sector works, looking at data, policy and regulation. As part of that study they asked ODI Aberdeen to run a workshop in Scotland. We settled on Dundee as an easily-reachable location. Similar workshops ran in Cardiff and London. […]

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Open Data Aberdeen – Part 3

Some 14 weeks ago, having heard that Aberdeen City Council were cancelling their Open Data programme, I set out to uncover what the position was – and if possible to change their minds on this. History I wrote two blogs about the experience: Part 1 (12 August 2017) and Part 2 (20 October 2017) Since […]

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Aberdeen City Council – open data – none the wiser

Introduction As I wrote in a previous ODI blog post in the middle of August,  I was alerted to the fact that Aberdeen City Council were on the point not only of cancelling their own open data programme but also withdrawing from the Scottish Cities Alliance’s national programme for all seven Scottish Cities. Setting aside my […]

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What is happening with Open Data in Aberdeen?

Aberdeen City Council is considering axing its participation in Scotland’s biggest ever Open Data programme. Staff there are alarmed that a review of projects may be used to cancel ones such as this in a short-sighted, cost-saving drive  conducted by managers who don’t necessarily understand the value of Open Data nor the project’s significance at […]

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Aberdeen Street Art – Open Data gathering

Following the success of Nuart Aberdeen over the weekend, we’re asking for your help to gather some Open Data on where the art works are located. You can submit entries here and help us build a complete list. To capture the location, open Google Maps, RIGHT-click on the location of the art work, choose ‘What is […]

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When Scraping Goes Off The Rails

This post was originally published by Ian Watt on 10ml.com The art of scraping websites is one beset by difficulties, as I was reminded this week when re-testing a scraper that I built recently.   Railway performance As part of my participation in 100 Days of Code I’ve been working on a few projects. The […]

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Scottish GP to Patients Ratio – Analysing Health Data

Intro Two weeks ago my father complained to me of the difficulty in obtaining a GP appointment at his local practice. I decided to have a look at what data was available, so I could see how his practice compares with other practices which fall under NHS Grampian  and Scotland as a whole. I hunted […]

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Review: Open Models

“Open Models – Business Models of the Open Economy” (published by Without Model, 2016, and coordinated by Louis-David Benyayer). Introduction While you can buy physical copy of this book – and I would encourage you to do so – you can also freely access the entire contents which have been published under a creative commons […]

Carlisle LIDAR data rendered into 3D in Unity

Virtually exploring England — Scotland will have to wait for now

For a very long time, well since my ZX Spectrum days back in the early 1980s, I’ve wanted to be able to explore virtual places on my computer. Nowadays I can, and not just made up places but real places too. My recent virtual adventure took me exploring the area around Carlisle — once I’d first built […]