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Bruce Scharlau

Bruce is always looking to engineer collisions between the real world & computing students at Uni. of Aberdeen with lean, agile & service design because experience+theory trumps theory. CodeTheCity helps him do that by providing opportunities for students to work alongside professionals so that they can learn from each other in a relaxed setting.

He is interested in helping people build better software and look for collaborative opportunities via honours projects and with the Aberdeen Software Factory. He also explores how to bring students from both universities in Aberdeen together to develop projects with Aberdeen City Councnil as part of the Aberdeen CityLab project. He also works with Aberdeen City Council to help develop the Aberdeen Data Observatory.

He practices using co-creative approaches to enable these successful projects because he knows that people who are having fun learn faster, and produce better results. This is why he’s a certified Lego Serious Play, and CoCreACT facilitator too.


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