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Peer to peer accommodation: the Scottish situation


The ODI, our parent body based in London, are researching how the Peer to Peer Accommodation sector works, looking at data, policy and regulation. As part of that study they asked ODI Aberdeen to run a workshop in Scotland. We settled on Dundee as an easily-reachable location. Similar workshops ran in Cardiff and London.

Our participants were mostly from Local Government (representing three functional areas: Planning, Tourism and Economic Development) plus the rental sector.

The Dundee workshop followed the initial discovery phase which the ODI HQ team had undertaken, and used a set of slides here which contain their initial findings.

What we learned

There was a consensus that, across the seven cities of Scotland, more could be done in collaborating on the collection of data to monitor the impact of P2P accommodation. Participants agree that this would be worthwhile, and that it could be done at a city- or more local- level.  This raised issues of what are the outcomes the cities are looking for; what data, including open data, is currently available to support the analysis, what gaps exist; and what new data needs to be sourced or created to allow analysis and target outcomes.

It was also identified that there would be positive outcomes from encouraging a selection of Scottish government stakeholders to meet. While some research has been undertaken, there was a view that this had suffered from limited involvement from the accommodation sector. Similarly, while groups such as Visit Scotland have an agreement to measure occupancy rates, broader data needs to be identified and collected, and that sharing needs to be more open to achieve better outcomes.

Thank you

ODI Aberdeen would like to thank all the participants for making themselves available to attend the session – and for engaging fully in the process. The session produced meaningful outputs which will inform the next phase of the programme.

We were pleased to have positive feedback from those attending and, as requested, we have put them in touch with one another so that the emerging informal network can keep conversations going at a local level.

Thanks also to Dundee City Council for hosting the meeting.

What happens next

Our colleagues in London are continuing their research. They will be prototyping some approaches to use data to make things better. If you’d like to find out more, they’d love to hear from you.

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